What Makes PMA Practice Transitions Unique? | PMA | Dental Practice What Makes PMA Practice Transitions Unique? | PMA | Dental Practice

PMA Practice Transitions is more than just a dental broker, they are transition specialists. What does that mean? Matt, Doug and Adam talk about what makes PMA so unique and different from traditional dental brokers.


Matt Scherer: Hi, my name’s Matt Scherer. This is Doug Sellan and Adam Goldsmith. We’re with PMA Practice Transitions, and we assist dentists in transitioning out of practice ownership. And today’s topic is how is PMA unique? Doug, do you want to kick us off of that?

Doug Sellan: Yeah. And again, we’ve talked about this in some of our other videos. I mean, really what makes us unique is our background. Meaning that the three of us all come from the dental industry in some form or a fashion, from practice management and ownership, and running the day-to-day, to healthcare and lending, financing, managing. Collectively, we probably have well over 50 years of experience, plus that’s just the three of us. There are also the other people at Rea & Associates like Alan Hill and Rebecca, many with a lot of experience and expertise in marketing and accounting, again, that we just are able to bring a whole different level of skill and ability to every opportunity we look at.

Matt Scherer: Yeah, I can’t agree more. And certainly can’t speak for other companies in how they do things, but I think we’re unique in our process, right? I mean, we’re very engaged, we’re very focused, we’re very hands-on, all throughout the process. I’ve had an attorney tell me that they’ve done deals and buyer and seller had never met until the day of close, which is odd. So she said she loves our process and what we do, and how we do the pre-contract meeting and all that stuff. So I think that makes us unique.

Adam Goldsmith: Yeah, aside from being heavily engaged in every client’s transaction, we’re also a member of a national marketing platform called the ADS, American Dental Sales. We’ve brought in offers from all over the country, people relocating to maybe an area nearby one of our listings. So we have a national reach outside of the normal classified ads through Dentaltown and such. So people that are actively looking for listings out of state, practices to buy out of state, ADS is one of the central locations where they can identify a practice that might be of interest. So we’re able to import buyers from all over the country, which I think also separates us from the rest of the pack.

Matt Scherer: Absolutely. And we have access to putting those practices on the ADS website so that we do get that national buyer reach, along with Dentaltown and things like that. I was just going to say just with all the contacts that we’ve had over time, makes us very unique. I don’t think there’s a player in the industry today, whether it’s a CPA, an attorney, an equipment company, a builder, you name it, that one of us doesn’t know of or has worked with them in some capacity.

Doug Sellan: Absolutely. And again, it’s having that focus strictly in this industry. Representing our sellers. Through the entire process, holding his or her hand, communicating with them constantly.

Adam Goldsmith: Side by side with the dentist. I did want to also touch upon a little or elaborate on our relationship with Rea because they have a whole dental accounting division. And they’re kind of in our back pocket. So they have a lot of information, best practices, things that trickle down to PMA so that we can provide a better service to our clients. I think that’s really useful.

Doug Sellan: That’s a great point. Look back just this past year, during COVID. What a resource, we were constantly giving out very useful information that was being updated, sometimes daily, as to how PPP loans were going to be treated, and who qualified, who didn’t. And I mean, it was fact-based information from industry experts that was given out free of charge to everyone that subscribes to our newsletters. That they were getting that information in real-time.

Matt Scherer: Yeah. And I think touching on the newsletter and just, I guess, the network that we have through YouTube channel and all that, to reach our buyers and sellers, I think that makes us somewhat unique as well. So with that said, hopefully, this topic was helpful. And if you like it, please give us the thumbs up, share it with your colleagues, certainly visit the PMA website at pmagroup.net. And if you have any other questions or just want to talk, give either one of us a call, we’d be happy to help.

Matt Scherer | PMA Practice Transitions | Ohio | Pennsylvania Published by Matthew Scherer on December 20, 2021