History of PMA Dental Practice Transitions

Founded in 1995

Founded in 1995 by Steve Jordan, PMA Practice Transitions is regarded as the distinguished resource for dental professionals looking to buy, build or retire from the practice of their dreams.

Steve first started in the dental industry in 1978 while working for a clinical equipment manufacturer. This experience helped fuel his desire to help dentists in other ways. Steve and his wife founded Price Dental Supply in 1985. In 1993, the Jordans sold their practice to Patterson Dental.

During his time at Price and Patterson, Steve enjoyed helping dentists with the process of buying and selling – especially those who were just starting out in their dental careers and those seasoned professionals who were looking at their idea retirement scenario.

While PMA Practice Transitions opened as a brokerage service in 1995, it’s become so much more. Dental professionals need not only transitional expertise and high-quality service, but industry experts to help navigate the course of their career from beginning to end. At PMA, we pride ourselves on being trusted advisors who are keenly aware of the issues that arise across the industry. Our goal is to guide our clients with tips, tricks and best practices that can take their dental practices from good to great, while strengthening their bottom line.

“We are so much more than a broker… we build successful practice transitions.”

– Matt Scherer, President

Today at PMA
Today, PMA Practice Transitions is the multi-faceted solution these dental professionals look to for help in buying a practice, transition their practice, and everything in between. We strive to help dental practitioners realize the maximum value of their life’s work by obtaining the equity in their practice in order to fund their ideal retirement scenario.
The company is associated with, an alliance of independent dental practice brokers and management consultants. ADS Dental Transitions has emerged as the premier source for finding trusted and experienced dental practice brokers and consultants. Members are selected for their integrity, high standards, experience and knowledge.

PMA’s Team of Dental Transition Consultants and Professionals

PMA Practice Transitions has a variety of skilled dental practice sales consultants that are ready to help you with your dental transition. Buying and selling dental practices is our expertise. We specialize in dental practice sales in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan.

Meet the Team

Matt Scherer Owner of PMA Practice Transitions

Matt Scherer, President

Ohio, Western PA, Southern MI

Adam Goldsmith of PMA Practice Transitions

Adam Goldsmith, Consultant

Indiana, Cincinnati, Dayton,
Northern KY

The PMA Mission

While we certainly specialize in the buying and selling of dental practices, we are much more than a brokerage firm. We are mentors and advisors who provide valuable insight well in advance of any transaction taking place. It is our mission to serve you expertly and consistently – to the best of our ability in the hopes that you come to see us as your single-source solution throughout each phase of your dental practice career.

When you work with PMA Practice Transitions, you gain the tools needed to:

  • Establish your career
  • Build a thriving practice
  • Strengthen your bottom line
  • Define and execute a successful exit strategy
  • Retire on your terms
PMA Service Area Map

Matthew Scherer

PMA Practice Transitions currently serves dental professionals throughout Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania and growing.