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Looking to sell your dental practice?

Your dental practice is your most valuable asset … an asset you’ve worked hard to build and enhance over the course of your career. Let PMA Practice Transitions help you sell it at its fair value.

We Help Indiana Dentists Achieve Their Dreams

Every dentist begins and ends their dental career with a dream. Dentists beginning their career dream of buying a practice and building it up into a successful enterprise and cornerstone of the community. Dentists nearing the end of their career dream of selling their practice to the right buyer, and retiring in comfort and security. Here at PMA Practice Transitions, we can help Indiana dentists achieve both of these dreams. Below, you will find more details on how we can help you, whether you are a buyer looking for a new practice, or a seller looking to realize the full value of your dental practice.

Services For Sellers

We provide the following essential services for those looking to sell their dental practice:

  1. Seller Readiness Profiles. The decision to sell a dental practice is never an easy one. After all, you have poured your life into this practice, building it up into what it is today. We realize that this is a difficult decision, which is why we have instituted a seller readiness profile. Our seller readiness profile will help you determine if selling your practice is the right decision at the moment. This profile consists of 15 questions designed to help you fully examine and assess your situation.
  2. If you do decide that you are ready to sell your practice, we can offer several valuable insights that will ease the transition. For one, we can help you craft the perfect marketing strategy to attract potential buyers. We can also help you identify and qualify prospective buyers. Additionally, we can help you evaluate your business to the exact dollar. On top of that, we can help you with the structuring and negotiating of offers.
  3. Recently Sold. See our list of recently sold practices, to learn more about the process.

Services For Buyers

We know that buying a dental practice is also a big decision—one that will start you down the career path you have been training for during the past several years. Here is how we can make this decision and process easier for you:

  1. Consultation Services. We have experienced advisors who can consult with you on all issues related to your purchase. For one, we will explain valuation methods to you, so that you can make informed decisions. We will also help you find the best deals on practices here in Indiana. A big part of your future success as a dentist depends on purchasing the right practice. When you find the right practice, we will help you secure financing for the purchase. We will also help you avoid pitfalls that are common to buyers here in Indiana.
  2. Current Listings. Looking for a practice here in Indiana? View our current listings to see detailed information on what is available right now.
  3. Register as a Buyer. If you want to begin the life-changing process of purchasing a dental practice, register as a buyer on our site and begin your journey.