Dental Transition Articles, Videos, & White Papers

We understand that buying, selling, and/or merging a dental practice is a significant milestone that demands careful planning and expert guidance. Our blog is designed to equip you with the latest insights, strategies, and industry trends to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Dive into our comprehensive collection of videos, white papers, and articles, meticulously curated by our team to offer you a wealth of information to support your transition journey.

When Should You Retire?

Be sure to start planning at least 3-5 years in advance It’s always difficult to plan for retirement, especially for dentists who own their own practices because there are so many factors to take into consideration. Is your practice in a position to be sold? Are you...

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Selling Your Dental Practice?

Find out if you have liens or debts on your practice first Before you get the ball rolling on retiring and selling your dental practice, it is imperative to ensure there are no liens or debts against your practice. Believe it or not, this is often overlooked, and many...

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The Dental Loan Dance

What is the transaction – are you buying-in or buying new? We've got answers! One of the biggest decisions that a dentist needs to grapple with is if and when to purchase your practice. After that, the next big decision is going to be who you work with to secure the...

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Get Out Of Debt And Begin Your Dental Journey

How Purchasing A Dental Practice Can Get You Out Of Debt Quickly As a young dentist fresh out of dental school, the next step in your career might be to purchase your own practice. But today, most dental school graduates find themselves in immense debt and are...

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Giving Kids a Reason to Smile

On June 27, TeamSmiles teamed up with the Cleveland Indians and local dental professionals to provide free oral care to underserved children in the community. Matt Scherer volunteered at the event and had an amazing time! Check out some of the photos he captured that...

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Looking To Sell Your Dental Practice?

Have you talked to your CPA about it? There may be some things you are unaware of when selling or some things you haven’t thought about that need done before your practice is sold. What to Consider When Selling Your Dental Practice Is the buyer qualified? It is...

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Why Should You Work With A Preferred ADS Dental Lender

The process of purchasing a dental practice can be overwhelming. Having experts guide you through the process makes the process a lot easier, especially when it comes time to secure your loan. Local banks have a lot to offer, but when working with a preferred  ADS...

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Trauma In The Dental Practice Purchase ER

If you've ever watched one of the popular trauma ER documentaries, you've probably thought, "I'm glad that wasn't me!" After reading these actual dental practice purchase traumas, you may think, "I'm glad it wasn't me." Future Sale Date A practice had $300K...

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Planning To Purchase A Dental Practice

Deciding whether or not to purchase a dental practice is arguably among the most important steps that face a young dentist. The decision will have a great impact on his/her professional development, financial success, and lifestyle for many years. If you've decided to...

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