How to Grow a Dental Practice How to Grow a Dental Practice

How PMA Transitions Can Help you

We are all committed to learning about you, your dental practice and your plans - then designing a course of action that will accomplish YOUR goals.

Dental Practice Development

We have a team of long-standing professionals that have developed and refined many dental practices over the years. Our PMA Consultants are experts in finance, accounting, retirement and estate planning, investment strategy, human resources, dental office design, equipment specification, real estate and legal issues.

Dental Practice Growth

If you are looking to grow your dental practice, you could benefit from a team of management professionals. Contact us today for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. We customize all of our services to meet your goals. Tell us your goals, and we will help you achieve them.

Precise Evaluation Reports

  • Litigation support
  • Partnership formation and dissolution
  • Taxes, estates and retirement planning
  • Accredited and experienced

Business Plan Development

How to Build a Dental Practice

  • Operating results analysis
  • Financial goal setting and profit growth
  • Staffing requirements and productivity enhancements
  • Financing and re-capitalization plans

Long-Term Planning

  • Transition timing and structure / associate dentist requirements
  • Office production capacity
  • Office and equipment design and practice evaluations

Dental Practice Enhancement Programs

How to Increase Dental Practice Revenue

  • Revenue and procedure analysis
  • Clinical productivity and goal setting
  • Office design and high-tech systems integration
  • Internal and external marketing
  • Staff development, training and motivation
  • Management systems implementation

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