Dental Practice Valuation Quiz Dental Practice Valuation Quiz
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Selling a Dental Practice? Take Our Readiness Quiz.

Preforming a dental practice valuation is a vital step in your dental practice transition journey because you should be sure of your answers and know the “why” behind your responses. You could sell yourself or your dental practice short.

Dental practice transitions can be complicated, but with the help of our transition consultants, you don’t need to worry. Your priority as the seller should be to look after your patients, maximize your sale price, and successfully transition your dental practice to the new buyer.

Be in the Know: How Much is a Dental Practice Worth?

When assessing a dental practice’s readiness to sell, it is important to properly evaluate it’s worth and potential. Upon submitting the quiz, PMA will calculate your readiness on a scale from 1 percent to 100 percent.

If you are planning to sell a dental practice by yourself, and you don’t score 90 percent or above on this test, your experience is likely to be more stressful and result in a lower sale price than if it were handled by a qualified and experienced dental broker.

Why Does This Seller Readiness Profile Matter?

If you are looking to sell and find yourself asking how to value a dental practice, there is no short answer. PMA Practice Transitions properly evaluates your practice to maximize the sale price and help the buyer begin a successful career. This way you can focus on what really matters: the patients. Learning how to sell a dental practice the right way can result in higher sales prices and happier buyers. Contact us today to learn more about he PMA Seller Readiness Profile or speak directly with on of our practice transition professions. Contact us today to learn more about the PMA Seller Readiness Profile or to speak directly with one of our practice transition professionals.

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