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Before you attempt to sell your dental practice on your own, take this brief evaluation to determine your readiness. This is a vital step in your seller journey because unless you are absolutely sure of your answers (and you know the “why” behind your responses), you could literally be selling yourself (and your practice) short. Let’s get started!

How Did You Do?

Submit your answers now to see how ready you are to sell your practice! Send us your answers; we will happily share with you the results.

Why Does This Seller Readiness Profile Matter?

While this test could have included hundreds of questions, we stopped at 15 because your time is valuable. The truth is, the number of details that go into a successful dental practice transition is astronomical. But unless you are considering a “sale by owner” approach, that doesn’t need to be your worry. Instead, as the seller, your priority should be to look after your patients, maximize your sale price and help start your buyer on their way to a successful career. If you are planning to sell your practice by yourself, and you didn’t score 90 percent or above on this test, your experience is likely to be more stressful and result in a lower sale price than if it were handled by a qualified and experienced practice transition consultant. Contact us today to learn more about the PMA Seller Readiness Profile or to speak directly with one of our practice transition professionals.