Dental Buyer Testimonials | Dental Practice Transitions | PMA
"This was a professional and pleasant business experience which has allowed a wonderful practice transition for our staff, the patients, the new doctor and me."
Diane M. Buyer, D.D.S.
Indianalopis, IN
"As a buyer, I know PMA gave me information that I would not have gotten anywhere else. I was able to make an informed decision because of it."
Dr. Michael Mead
Uniontown, Ohio
"Seek Matt's Help"
"I want to thank Matt Scherer for his relentless efforts and help in organizing and guiding us through the sale of our pediatric dental practice. His knowledge of the intricacies and important aspects of the sale were so important. I would strongly urge those involved in the sale of their practice to seek Matt’s help."
Merle Frankel
Lyndhurst, Ohio