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Ready to own your own profitable practice?

Deciding whether or not to buy a dental practice is arguably among the most important that you will face as a dentist. This particular decision will greatly impact your ongoing professional development, financial wellness and personal lifestyle for many years to come. At PMA Practice Transitions, we bring extensive knowledge and personal understanding to the table to help you effectively and efficiently navigate the buying process.

How To Buy A Dental Practice

Select Competent, Experienced Advisors

Our experience as dental practice brokers can help you steer through the purchase process.  Your accountant and attorney will also have equally important roles in helping you achieve a successful purchase. It is crucial that all parties have an understanding of issues involved in a practice purchase.

Understand Practice Valuation Methods

Preconceived notions about the worth of a dental practice often collide with reality — to the detriment of the prospective buyer. We will explain valuation methods to you in order for you to make informed decisions

Finding The Deals

A practice with subpar attributes in the geographical area you seek may actually deserves a second look.  Can you improve revenues?

Secure Financing

Nothing is more frustrating to a seller — or potentially damaging to your transaction — than to accept an offer and then wait weeks while the buyer seeks financing.  Let us help you find the financing that will make the purchase transaction as smooth as possible. Learn more.

Avoid The Pitfalls

As dental practice brokers, we have seen an array of things that can seriously affect the purchase and profitability of your new practice.  Things such as staff tenure and training, lease and loan terms, equipment design and office layout, practice demographics and procedure mix, revenue sources and collection ratios and transition and marketing plans all affect the purchase.  The best way to give these, and all the other purchase details, appropriate attention is to use us as your purchase representative.  Learn more about our experience.