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Do you know the pitfalls to avoid when purchasing a dental practice? Or what specific steps to take to improve your dental office's curb appeal? Follow the links below to read some of the recent articles published by PMA.

Taking Over an Established Dental Practice: 6 Tips for Success

Are you a recent dental school graduate? Do you have plans to take over an existing dental practice – one with an established client base, ideal location and new equipment? Taking over an existing practice allows you to start your career, in your own right, while utilizing the perks of an established practice. However, taking…

Doug Sellan | PMA Team Member Published by Doug Sellan on September 22, 2021

What Could A Cybercriminal Do To Your Dental Practice

You’re probably familiar with the term Ransomware and the financial toll it’s been taking on companies worldwide. One lesson that we continue to learn time and time again is that nobody is immune to this cyber threat – not even your dental practice. Instances of cybercrime have reached an all-time high and ensuring that your…

Matt Scherer | PMA Team Member Published by Matt Scherer on August 13, 2021

Questions To Ask Before Selling Your Dental Practice

Anyone who pours their heart and soul into a business over an entire career, building lifelong relationships with those they serve, mastering a skill that can change peoples’ lives, has a hard time facing the thought of ending it for good. The notion of losing a “second family” or “my baby” in any context can…

Adam Goldsmith | Transitions Consultant | PMA Published by Adam Goldsmith on June 29, 2021

Every Dental Practice Sales Is An Opportunity for PMA Practice Transitions To Give Back

Dental Practice Advisory & Transitions Firm Donates Over $4,000 To Charity In 2020 February 16, 2020 | Cleveland, OH — PMA Practice Transitions, a regional practice advisory and transitions firm, announces that it has donated more than $4,000 to 9 local organizations in 2020 for a total of $10,550 since the inception of its “giveback”…

Matt Scherer | PMA Team Member Published by Matt Scherer on February 16, 2021

Financing Options Available for Purchasing a Dental Practice

What to consider when selecting a financing option Whether you are a first-time dental practice owner or someone looking to expand, relocate or add an additional location; the options for financing today have never been this extensive. Understanding the different types of financing options available When it comes to the types of financing available for…

Doug Sellan | PMA Team Member Published by Doug Sellan on February 12, 2021

Does Your Dental Practice Need An Associate?

What are the considerations to think about when hiring a dental associate? In this day and age, more dental practice owners are thinking about hiring an associate to join their practice as they transition out of ownership.  An associate may help the dental practice increase the revenues and allow the senior dentist to take more…

Matt Scherer | PMA Team Member Published by Matt Scherer on January 14, 2021

Make Your Financial Statement Work For You

Best practices for formatting financial statements Did you know that there’s no “right way” to format or present your practice’s financial statement? It’s true, there are several approaches that dentists can take when crafting a financial statement. What’s most important is that the statement is meaningful to you and is easy to understand and analyze….

Alan Hill | Director of Dental Services | PMA Published by Alan Hill on November 23, 2020

Are You Selling Your Dental Practice?

Why You Need More Than A Dental Broker If you are thinking about selling your dental practice your first phone call might be to a dental broker to start the initial discussions about the selling process. But before you pick up that phone let’s discuss the difference between a dental broker and a dental transition…

Doug Sellan | PMA Team Member Published by Doug Sellan on October 15, 2020

Networking Helps New Dentists Launch A New Practice

We’ve all dreamed about what we would grow up to be someday. For some of you, it may have been a professional baseball player. Others may have dreamed of becoming the President of the United States. And then there are those of you who may have only dreamed of one day becoming a dentist. Whatever…

Matt Scherer | PMA Team Member Published by Matt Scherer on July 17, 2020

Traveling the Emotional Road Trip of Selling a Dental Practice

The journey of selling your dental practice is not an easy one and it can be emotional. Are you truly ready to sell your dental practice? Are you ready for any road bumps that might happen during the process of selling your dental practice? The process can be overwhelming, but a dental transition expert can…

Doug Sellan | PMA Team Member Published by Doug Sellan on June 18, 2020