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Every Practice Deserves A Personal Touch

Introducing PMA Practice Advocates

We don’t just collect your relevant information and list your practice. At PMA we advocate and represent you and your entire brand. We want to understand the totality of your practice from your patient list to insurance credentialing and from vendor contracts to community causes. We believe there is equity in every nuance of your business. So, we start right here.

  • Conduct a thorough listing meeting, evaluating key practice attribute.
  • Uncover unique selling points and potential practice advantages.
  • Establish a timeline, framework, process and strategic selling roadmap.
  • Review & execute listing agreement.

A Partnership That Builds Worth.

People, process and programs begin the dental valuation process, but that doesn’t conclude its worth. At PMA, with efficacy, efficiency and expertise, we add value so you can sell worth. Our consultants pride themselves in their knowledge, while anticipating obstacles and removing roadblocks. Based on key benchmarks, we know what lenders will finance, what attorneys will accept, and what buyers will buy. Here’s how we get there.

  • Due diligent discovery to valuate the practice and produce an offering package.
  • Employ build-worth expertise in creating an unobstructed seller’s path with dental valuation efficiencies.
  • Educate seller transparently on valuation process; review Opinion of Value with seller.
  • Present Opinion of Value practice valuation; includes practice vitals and financials.

When Practice Valuation Ends, PMA Practice Selling Begins.
Knowing the Art of Showing.

As part of our practice performance advocacy, a PMA advisor attends every practice showing. These showings are critical in displaying an ideal representation to prospective buyers and are supported by our collective expertise – PMA advisors fielding questions on valuations and financials, and seller-owners answering clinical or practice management queries. Our performance advisory is a constant collaboration.

  • Coach and counsel client through constant advisory.
  • Align and value all soft practice touches such as practice philosophy, patient loyalty and community causes, with hard data like production by procedure, P&Ls and payroll.
  • Illustrate to buyers a turnkey practice with proven cash flow, proficient management processes and ready systems, standards and structures.

We Don’t Just Close Deals, We Mediate Every Moment.

At PMA we know selling and buying a dental practice can be stressful. So, we simplify. Once an offer is in and financing secured, we facilitate a pre-contract meeting where we mitigate and moderate with both the buyer and the seller, assisting in alleviating any points of contention or clarifying ambiguities. The PMA pre-contract meeting acts as a living document that builds consensus, creates optimization and minimizes potential downstream disputes. We are resolute on a fixed purpose – a smooth close to a simple transition. Pre-contract meetings offer balanced supports.

  • Facilitate and initiate pre-contract mediation as a form of dental transition, before the close.
  • Reduce focus on deal-making and emphasize mutualism and respect.
  • Create greater optimization in legal and financial service sectors; decrease unexpected interferences and inaccuracies.
  • Ensure parties are aligned, set closing date, execute attorney prepared contracts.

Goodwill, Born From the Values of Good Work.

We value integrity, expertise, presence and excellence and then we give it back. At PMA we believe that if you truly value your work, your work should be of true value to others. We are proud to introduce, Practicing Goodwill, a philanthropic giveback program exclusively from PMA, whereby a portion of our revenues from every successful practice transition we complete, goes to a charity of our client’s choice. From cancer research to educational programming, from housing to the homelessness, our client’s pick the cause, we participate. Here are some components of PMA’s Practicing Goodwill.

  • After every successful practice transition, a percentage of our commissioned revenues are donated to each client’s selected charity.
  • The Practicing Goodwill program serves a broad spectrum of causes, specific to our client’s local communities.
  • A giving threshold is promised on every practice transition conducted by PMA.

Matt Scherer | PMA Practice Transitions | Ohio | Pennsylvania Published by Matthew Scherer on March 29, 2022