I’ve sold my dental practice very recently and I have to say PMA Practice Transitions made it a great experience for all involved.  From start to finish, this was an organized, streamlined, cordial process. Matt was an expert at guiding me through the appraisal process, finding qualified buyers quickly, and navigating the financials as well as the personal end of the sale.  I feel that Matt and Doug are very honest and have the best interests of their clients in mind.  I would highly recommend PMA again for any transition needs!
Dr. Jodie Jenkins
West Chester, OH
I knew selling my practice was inevitable but it was always out in the future. My hesitancy was all about the unknowns. How does my practice compare to others, how much is it worth, how do I even go about selling, what do I have to change? Matt answered all those questions, guided me through each step and found competitive buyers. I’m most thankful that he did not tell me to recreate what I had built. He promoted my positives and valued and validated my career. Turns out it was me who undervalued my practice. Matt is true to his word and spot on in his valuations, he is worth every penny he earned.
Dr. Quinten Campbell DDS

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