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How to get your dental practice ready for another successful year

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Another year is coming to an end and as you are looking at your business plan for the year to come, promoting your dental practice should be one of your top priorities. How do you promote your practice, gain new patients and maintain current patients without breaking the bank? Here are a few easy tips that you can use starting today.

  1. A happy patient is probably your best source for having a successful and busy practice. Building relationships with your dental patients can go a long way. When a relationships is formed, you are helping them feel more comfortable and confident in your services, which will make them a returning patient. Consider using a text message-based system for appointment reminders and confirmations.
  2. Developing an advertising budget is a great way to promote your business. You can discuss with your accountant to find the dollars in your budget that can be spent on an advertising campaign. Make sure when developing an advertising campaign, you also develop a way to track the results to measure the success of your investment. Don’t forget about social media when planning your advertising strategy.
  3. On new patient forms be sure ask them how they heard about your practice. Make a list or chart to track the responses. This will help you discover where your patients are coming from and let you know where to focus your attention on to get even more dental patients.
  4. Brochures can also be an effective way of promoting your dental practice. You can have them at your office but you can also have them available at schools, churches, shopping areas and various other areas about your community. Make sure you list the services you offer along with your hours and contact information.
  5. Direct mailing is a great way to let people know about your dental practice. Most communities send out packets or booklets of coupons to their residents. Including a coupon for a free cleaning or initial visit may bring in some new dental patients.
  6. Ask your patients to leave a Google review for your practice. Not only will it tell you how you’re doing, but it will help you rank higher in Google search results, and potential patients will read Google reviews when deciding which dentist to use. You can even get creative and offer an incentive (like a Starbucks gift card) to patients who leave a review.
  7. Is your website modern and up-to-date? Your website is the first place a potential patient will go to learn about your practice. Make sure to include information about yourself and your support team, the services you offer, contact information and hours of operation. Also, develop a way of allowing patients to schedule appointments online and ask questions. This will make things more convenient for your patients, especially if they are on your website after hours.
  8. Social media sites can also help to promote your dental practice. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are free resources that can keep your patients and potential patients informed 24 hours a day. Patients like to see pictures of who you are, who your staff is, what your office looks like and what equipment you have available.

Growing your dental practice does take some work, but these eight tips can provide you with a competitive edge in the dental world. You need to continuously sell your skills, technical expertise and confidence. You’ve made the investment in your career now make the investment to keep your practice growing. Need help deciding what is right for your dental practice? Contact PMA Practice Transitions. Our team of adept and talented consultants can help you develop ways to promote your dental practice.

Becky Weiand | PMA Team Member Published by Rebecca Weiand on December 17, 2021